What are some problems sharing the chart #ProjectedEHR ?

One of the best pieces of advice in training I received was to document as if you were on a witness stand comfortably reading what you put in the chart.  If you do not chart this way, then this may give you pause to share the record.

If you have an EHR that is template heavy with a lot of drop down boxes to click to fulfill meaningful use criteria and not terribly intuitive to use, the fellow soul in the room will see every thing you do and will likely question this.

If you are receiving labs by PDF and not HL7, then you will be unable to graph instantaneously to easily display results over time, then this may reduce your impact to teach effectively.

The easy e-prescribing process versus the e-faxing is very noticeable and very often the question is asked, so if the powers at be desire efficiency, why can’t you e-prescribe all medications?

So the whole idea of patient engagement or sharing the record is a bit like being on stage with how you have curated the chart.  Do you really want to share what you have with who you are sharing the exam room with?


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