What are the hurdles of instituting #ProjectedEHR

Many, many, many.  There is no governmental incentive or penalty to entice or dissuade not to. Most docs who have a choice to institute new technology or tools are so overburdened with rules, regulations, are just trying to keep their doors open the last thing on their mind is initiating #ProjectedEHR.

The concept of showing the electronic record on the large TV and reviewing at the visit is something never done before.  So trying a new approach is not easy, so resistance to change is hard to overcome.   I am the king of procrastination, so I get this.  Heck, I did not start the electronic record until the end of 2011, when I felt I had no choice if I wanted to stay in business.

Then trying to get a hold of your IT support, who is already overworked and difficult to nab, to help hold your hand to get this new technology integrated into your EHR.

Many docs are just not in a position to do this, and this is just plain sad.  If I could wave a magic wand and help each and every one who would like to try this I would in a heartbeat, but I cannot.

I have tried about every angle I know to get the message out, and cannot thank each and everyone of you that have been patient and very supportive.

I am now going to do the one thing that I cringe just thinking about, and that is going live with a presentation in Chicago next month at an Amazing Charts User Conference.  At this point it may be a total flop, and the projected 125 providers may tar and feather me or worse yet play games on their new Apple iwatches during the talk.

So at this point, the likelihood of #ProjectedEHR ever taking off, seems as likely as me learning to tweet chat.

However, the ongoing daily encounters with the fellow souls that come to my office continually remind me how sacred and precious this profession is.  I feel a bit like David before facing Goliath, when he took off his sword and armor, and instead took his staff and chose five smooth stones from the brook.

I, like David cannot go forward with the impediments, but in my mind’s eye have already defeated Goliath, because I have already won, rather my patients have won, and remind me to carry #ProjectedEHR as I run quickly to the battle line to meet the Phiilistine.



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