#ProjectedEHR individualizes care

Recently across the twitter feed, I have been reading about the nonsensical robotic machinations one goes through on a daily basis while coursing through the electronic record.  This automatonic endeavor, is darn near impossible if you choose to share your visit with an intruder.  Not a human scribe, but rather the fellow soul sitting before you, if he chooses, will likely share his electronic record with you on a large screen, if you give him a chance.

This sharing of the electronic record has had an invaluable unintended consequence.  Individualized care in the face of streamlined efficiency, the YIN with the YANG, the black with the white, the up with the down, the counterbalance needed in the EHR equation.

When real life materializes before the one reading intensely while listening, he will be more than willing to intercede if the objective data is not correct, a left instead of right, a 1999 instead of a 2001, a 35 pack year history and no it has been 7 years not 10 since I quit smoking.  Trivial?

Health Maintenance recommendations, easily fine tuned and agreed upon with logic, reason and mutually shared decision making. When the electronic record suggests by the horizontal red bar the screening tool is overdue, a shared chuckle or throbbing may ensue if a much too early colonoscopy is suggested.

Better yet, this intruder when combined with good old fashioned Oslerian listening may save a mega work up, nullify the multitude of labs, CT scans, and endoscopies.  When a feared deadly condition negated by reason and projected on the screen, proved to be nothing more than an over the counter remedy gone awry.  The electronic record transforms into a real time instructive emotional salving guest, and is anything but intrusive.



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