The She Samaritan

At the risk of desiccating the poem, this is how it came about.  I was on page 235 of part 2 of Hermetical and Alchemical writings of Paracelsus when I saw Dr. Zackary Berger’s intriguing tweet, “Which one poem represents the human interaction at the center of medicine?”  Arcade Fire was blaring in my ear buds with Pandora, partially reclined on the couch.

Paracelsus was informing me, “In short, whoever desires to act as a true physician should first of all study to be a Samaritan.”

So I clambered off the couch and got my wife’s bible and finally figured out where the good Samaritan was located and started reading, then this came to me, but he had to be a she.

“She saw and came to him in compassion,

Bound up & poured oil on his wounds,

Set him upon her beast,

And took him to the inn,”

As you can tell it doesn’t rhyme.   And yes and no the comma at the end was intentional, poor eyesight and too lazy to change it once I tweeted it out.  But I like it.


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