Being rattled out of my slumber

20141120_052049Dr. Leana Wen wrote a fantastic piece I came across yesterday titled, “When Patients read what their Doctors write.”  I wish every doc currently seeing patients would read and take to heart her very last sentence.

“It’s changed my practice and fundamentally transformed my understanding of whom the medical record ultimately belongs to: the patient.”

I think the doc is the steward of caring and protecting the medical record, but also now more than ever, thanks to the wonderful technology, can also share in real time, to have this transforming effect on the patient.

The hurdle will be, how to implement this strategy on a larger scale and get docs on board with this idea.

I do not think it matters if the patient is sharing the same screen as Dr. Wen describes or large screen TV as I recommend, the important concept is their EHR being projected at the visit to be inclusive.

Early on before implementing the large TV in the exam room to share their EHR, I asked a number of patients about my intended concept of mirroring their EHR, and nearly scrapped the whole idea because of little interest.

It was not until I actually put the TV on the wall and started, did I see an immediate transformation in my patients.

So, I think it is unfair to push the patient to request or demand this conceptual change on how we project their EHR.

I think the doc, will have to implement and experience the improved care, before this concept really catches on, but I do not know how to bring this to fruition.

For now, I will continue to tweet chat and blog my experience, and ask to help pass the message along if this idea rings true.

Thank you all for your time and thank your Dr. Wen for your perspective!!!


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