A thank you to Madelyn Kearns

I very much appreciate your well written article “The value in saying no to MU”.http://www.medicalpracticeinsider.com/news/value-saying-no-mu-attestation  I have found taking this path to be quite difficult, and thought of repercussions of my action, both pro and con, but had to do what I thought was best for my patient.  The decision if distilled down to its essential component comes down to freedom.

I am wired such that when the patient is there before me in the office exam room, I have to have complete focus on the job at hand and that is caring for my patient.

I tried, really tried to do the MU task, and I will be honest, mainly to avoid the penalty.  I was afraid of not being able to survive practicing with the penalty.  But, I am not of the sort that multi tasks very well and realize this, so after some time, found that my focus was more on fulfilling certain MU criteria than the patient before me.

So I made the choice not to pursue MU. Until MU becomes mandatory and I have to choose another career, I will suffer the fallout.  I am not complaining at all about being penalized or losing the incentive money, and quite frankly relieved to pay or lose out on the incentive, just as long as I can continue to do what I love, and that is being a doc.

The unexpected consequence of this decision has been discovering certain applications when applied correctly at the office has opened a world I never envisioned.  I put all my energies in implementing the patient portal system, which in retrospect, I think, has been the single best change in 21 years to my practice.

Then toying with the Chromebook to display the EHR made me realize, this approach may help many other physicians deal with the rift between the EHR and patient doctor relationship.

So Madelyn, thank you for bringing to the light of day, my stance on this subject matter.  I am very humbled and honored.


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