Why should I even bother with #ProjectedEHR in office

It is going to cost me some money, buying a TV and wall mount.  I can’t hang the darn thing on the wall, don’t really have the space.

Is the Chromebook even a good idea, I already have a desktop in every exam room or have an I pad for point of contact care.

The burning question, do I really want to show what I have written in the electronic record to my patient?  Maybe I put something in there not terribly flattering, too honest, or not right.  What if their spouse is in the room, and discover the husband is on a medication they did not realize or in the social history partaking of a substance not known.

It will disrupt my flow of doing things and I will never get through my patients in a day interacting this way.  What if my patient is blind or does not see well?  Do they really care about their weight charted out to humiliate them on their gain?

Do patients really benefit with all of this lab data displayed, discussed and plotted out over time, surely this is information overload?  Does it benefit the patient to review what I have encapsulated of their history for the past 20 years and is it good use of my time?

I understand, but a brain of a 13 year old jolted me into a new way of thinking.  He gave me insight into the what if.

And for over 6 months I have been charging forward into the what if.

Each day, the what if opens more possibilities never dreamed, and confirm I am on the right path.

My patients are telling me resoundingly this is what they want, to share their electronic record at the time of visit with me.




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