Thanks Colin for the blog on #HCLDR

The #HCLDR tweetchat was wild and furious, but being a newbie, found Colin’s blog “Are well designed health care apps just wishful thinking” immensely helpful.

By reading his blog before hand and writing down on paper the T1-4 topics, I felt confident to participate.  The tweetchat was a bit like trying to keep up with my 14 year old son while playing one of his x box games, not sure which or when to hit this or that button.

To be part of this format and being able to exchange ideas with all the brilliant minds out in twitter space is very new and fun for me.

I do not want to sound overly pedantic, and think this point needs to be made.  When I refer to EHR, since there are over 300 options available, as I describe projecting the EHR onto a TV screen may conjure up a different image than what I am doing.

The EHR I use does not have boxes and drop down menu items but is very easy to use, and replicates how I was trained on recording patient data into a note quite well.  Better yet the EHR projects extremely well to the patient and graphs of vitals and lab results are easily displayed and understandable.  

The application of “chunneling” the portal, e-faxes, secure messages and interlinking to other practices, has been very well received in my busy internal medicine practice.  This has enhanced my nurse’s efficiency and has kept her sane on very busy days.

So if the correct applications are used in the appropriate setting, I believe well designed apps are no longer just wishful thinking but are being used and very much appreciated.  I have been able to do maneuvers in the office I never even imagined just a few short years ago.

So thank you all for having this wonderful forum and allowing a newbie to participate, and I will be studying T5-8 topics for Friday before the #HITsm tweetchat.


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