Consider Chromebook while at next #ABIMF2014

This little device, coupled with VNC viewer made for Chrome is great for conference attending.  With the Enterprise version, encryption can be set at 256, and accessing your main data base, there is not any need to put patient information on the Chromebook.

The dual monitor support is extremely helpful to mimic your office desktop so you can keep your EHR open on the left screen, and e-faxes/portal application on the right screen.  With the swipe of the touch pad, going between both is very easy.

Electronically messaging your nurse, importing HL7 lab reports, and attaching a “normal lab result” letter, sent to the right hand screen, so your nurse can do the rest by sending to the patient portal.  Editing in coming and out going faxes on the right hand screen, signing off of EHR in box or having nurse e-fax or message easily done.

Keeping the office going, with your “virtual desktop” is a little secret the Chromebook does exceptionally well when away from the office and teamed up with VNC viewer.  It is the same principle as in the office when hooked up to the large screen TV to share the EHR with your patient, just using the internet instead of intranet to access your main data base.

The other nice feature is accessing the internet can easily be done, clicking out of the VNC viewer application, and using the native linux os and google or tweet till your heart is content.

A while back I spent 3 days in San Diego, and did not call my nurse once on the phone and kept the office running smoothly with about a half hour BID connecting with office, and better yet when I returned back to the office, no catch up or a waste of a day to complete all the tasks missed while away.

Working smarter for less, these tough Montanans are teaching me, and I am slowly learning.


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