Thanks to #ABIMF2014 for the discussion

I appreciate the opportunity to be part of the discussion, and have been afforded a glimpse of what I think will be the future of health care delivery.  Through a set of unrelated circumstances I have found an extremely beneficial way to enrapture patients with their electronic record during the office visit.

For the past 6 months I have been incessantly drummed about with raves of satisfaction that I cannot keep my mouth shut.

I am normally a shy, reclusive sort, and have gone about my internal medicine career for the past 21 years, enjoying and working and forming great relational bonds with patients, as all of us in the course of a career.  However, half a year ago my 13 year old son, introduced the mirroring capacity of the Chromebook, and transformed my office visit forever.

During the visit,  I walk into the exam room with Chromebook in hand and plug in the HDMI cord from the wall mounted large TV, and up pops the patient’s 3 years of BP, weights, and BMI’s. These graphs can be used to understand more fully, response to treatment, diet and exercise.

The past medical, social, family histories easily viewed, updated and modified, as we review their electronic record together, which can be edited in real time, with the Chromebook connected to the main data base.

I do all the medication allergy updates, and reconciliations, and easily print to paper or to patient portal if desired.  Health maintenance intertwined with the US Task force and CDC guidelines fine tuned individually by the EHR based on diagnosis codes, gender and age are easily viewed and updated.

Up To Date embedded, with all of the wonderful patient handouts has been a tremendous hit, viewing on the large screen TV or printing to paper.  Ordering labs, xrays and e-prescribing with drug interactions, all viewed and easily discussed in a very interactive and educational manner, in which patients respond very positively.

I think the future patient physician EHR interface will involve such an affordable, practical approach.  A device that links to the main data base and can be controlled by the provider, projected on a large screen so the patient can not only see but hear the provider as they both work through the EHR.  This approach captures the transformational and educational capacity of the EHR that otherwise goes unobserved if not shared with the patient.

I hope this comes to fruition on a larger scale, because of the fantastic response I have seen in my own practice. I feel compelled to share with others because of my patients’ improved satisfaction and care with this approach.


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