@HealthStandards I prefer the #CCR as well

Thank you Rob Brull for your insightful article from 7/30/14 The CCD/CCR Fork in the Road.

It certainly echoes my real world experience as well, and now having over 750 or about three quarters of my patients using the portal, I scrapped the CCD a long time ago.

I am not going to beat the CCD up and I think the intention well meant, however it is just way too busy for comprehension.  The several times I tried implementing, sending along with the discharge summary, it caused more confusion than helped.

However, I am going to rave about the CCR.  I first started using on my snowbirds, the farmers and ranchers, who have worked hard in this bleak Montana landscape, but just can’t let it go.  The ones who have a place in Arizona, Texas, Southern California, but have to come back to Big Sky country for the fabulous summers.  Printing up on paper and/or sending the CCR to the snowbirds’ portal has been very helpful. I have had on multiple occasions, heard, ” I am so glad you sent that with me so I could show my doc down south.”  Or “When I got admitted to the hospital that piece of paper you printed up was nice to have at the time.”  “It is nice to have so if I need to access on my I-pad, I can.”

The other scenario, is often during the “forbidden annual exam” I will print up and hand to the patient, after all of the medications have been prescribed and rectified, as they are saying their good byes, I print up on my laser printer in the exam room and place in their hand as we are walking out the door.

The concise, usually one page document is easily understandable and well organized, and in 30 seconds of scanning the patient, physician will see the diagnosis codes, medications, vaccinations and medication allergies.

So Rob, I left the old CCD path quite a while ago and chose the CCR, and very happy I did. I agree wholeheartedly with your analysis, and thank you for all your work.


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