The freedom to play without #Meaningfuluse

I had no ill will intended when Meaningful Use became a thing of the past for me.  I just could not multitask and fulfill two masters.  Do I judge those lucky ones who can do both patient care and MU?  Absolutely not.

What is the draw back for not going down the MU highway?  I am being penalized for not participating, and lost out on the incentive money.  

But what did I gain?  This is more than I ever anticipated and never saw coming.  I can play again, because of the focus without distraction solely on my patient and how best to integrate the wonderful, affordable technology available for a small office practice.

Would I make the same choice again? You bet.

To see the invigorated excitement on my patient’s face describing how she loves the portal, and how quickly my nurse responds to requests.  “It is so much better than the phone and I wish more doctors were doing this” comment.

To see how concentrated and interested in her own health as she studies her own record on the large TV screen and asks why and how and when.  Surprised to see what the software of the electronic record does behind the scenes, such as the health maintenance and e-prescribing functions.

The educational opportunity of going to Up To Date and displaying the anatomy of the lumbar plexus and mapping out the genitofemoral branch, and how it divides into two branches in fantastic detail, and relate to symptoms.

The path that I chose has come with a cost, and fortunately one I am willing to tolerate.  I am playing again.


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