The Dodo and the Starlings with #HCLDR & #SoMe

I was running and jumping and trying to take flight with the starlings last night making beautiful formations soaring through the pristine evening skies all in one formation then several branching off making another in conjunction with the larger group.  The sight was amazing to behold being flightless and extinct but with keen eyesight, but nonetheless trying.

My first encounter with such a phenomena, I had no idea even existed.  I am not complaining, and very grateful, and trying to sing my song, and would like to transform from a dodo to a starling but need some help in doing so.  I think, if the transformation is even possible, I need to tweet with more than 140 characters because I am stuck in my old flightless way.

With my inability to fly, my sense of observation has been honed, so I think Bernadette @nxststop1 is the lead starling dodging and ducking and diving and daring the rest to maneuver in the most beautiful way, and I am cawing from the ground and pleading for help.

How do I get started to even dare fly?

Do I join the HCLDR Moderator and become a follower, and then sign up on Tuesday to begin?  So if anyone of you starlings would help this old dodo along, it would be very much appreciated, but please understand these old wings were not meant for flight, but I do have some overused legs that might get me started.

Thank you in advance for your help!


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