My patients continue to teach with #ProjectedEHR

I did not know quite how to express or give birth to this thought, until brought to the light of day by a patient recently.  Maybe William Osler was right when he said, ” It cannot be too often or too forcibly brought home to us that the hope of the profession is with men who do its daily work in general practice.”

However, I continue to jot down notes as I cruise down the unchartered path of the Chromebook #ProjectedEHR highway, and thought this was worth sharing for those who are still reading my drivel.

We were discussing the recent visit with her ophthalmologist and she was explaining the findings and treatment as best she could recall. Then it dawned on me, let’s get it from the horse’s mouth. I clicked on the imported item section and in very legible large letters my nurse had e-faxed in through my wonderful Updox inbox several days before, was the office encounter.  We were able to confirm her recollection of events, my patient was reassured her ophthalmologist was keeping me in the loop of communication, and my patient really enjoyed being able to read this evaluation together with me during the office visit.

I was able to update her medication list, confirmed with the outside note, and printed up on paper and her portal for later use.

I continue to learn from my patients new and creative ways of sharing and learning from information contained in their chart.

One of the really nice features of Updox, is the bridging between the old and new world of technology, so if the outside physician sends us their office note by mail, old time fax, e-fax, Nextgen, Cerner, Epic, eclinical, or secure message, it matters not.  It is a fantastic application to keep the whole medical team on the same page for the benefit of the patient. I like to think we do not discriminate based on EHR or level of technology, as Updox makes the transfer of information into Amazing Charts seamless.


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