#Gratitude in #Healthcare with #ProjectedEHR & #PatientPortal

Another Monday is rolling around, and my nurse will come in, copy and paste the incoming messages in our Updox Portal inbox.  Most she will handle, the multitude of appointments she will seamlessly schedule, by messaging back and confirming a time for later this week.

The prescription refills and the more complex messages will be forwarded/C&P’ed onto me.  So my morning will start with my K-cup coffee, and importing the H-L7 labs, attaching the lab result to the letter template, forwarding back to the Updox inbox so my nurse will send to the patient portal. In additon I will take care of scripts and handle the complex messages before even seeing the first patient of the day.

As time goes the telephone and voice mail are less intertwined in this process, and that is for the better.

It is now more of an unusual event if I have to paper print a lab report or x ray report, and the lion’s share of this is done electronically.

In the paper world I would  cringe if I had 4 o 5 annual or once yearly visits scheduled in a day, because of the repetitive mindless stenographic activity.  But now I am excited to show off the new TV/Chromebook system and use the electronic record as a great opportunity to educate and imprint visually with an interactive useful amalgam of “toys”

I am grateful to be a part of healthcare, especially in the primary care sector, and for some strange reason, think I can still make a difference, and the software/hardware applications available sure make it fun.


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