After finishing up around midnight in the harvest field, walking back from the shop area, my brother in law, son, and I were mesmerized by the clarity of the night time sky, picking out a satellite, several constellations and even a falling star.

This morning, a similar clarity strikes, and an appreciation for an interconnected world in which we live.

I am very thankful for many things in this life, family, and friends go without saying, but I am still reeling from the publicity garnered since starting to interact in the twitter space.

I do hope, a general internist from rural Montana, who really loves what he does day in and day out, can make an impact in a positive way, to help the basic structural flow of care with the integration of the electronic record.

I have been on a journey since the end of 2011, transitioning from the paper world into having a type of practice I never dreamed of.

I had no intention of having 3/4 of my patients using a portal, or a way to display the electronic record as an interactive feature in the office setting.  But with some great applications put to use, some work, and quite a bit of luck have found myself there.

Having US News, Medical Practice Insider, Healthcare Informatics articles focus on some of these recently acquired tools is very humbling.  I am quite thankful this morning as my achy body reminds me from being jostled around riding the jump seat while my 14 year old son drove the John Deere track tractor yesterday.  His job is a critical one in the harvest field collecting wheat in the grain cart as the combines “dump on the run” to keep the process moving efficiently.  He is learning how to critically think and work, being given an opportunity of a lifetime, and in his own way did this for me by demonstrating a simple feature on the chromebook.  If analyzed strictly from an efficiency perspective, the integration of the chromebook in the office is not unlike “dumping on the run,” improving workflow of the electronic record.


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