Can I even modify my own behavior?

I do not want to sound presumptuous in the mini dissertation from yesterday claiming to change patients’ behavior just by patching together a TV/Chromebook and throwing the MU process out with the bath water. I thought I better look at my own innards and figure out how I can change or even  if I can.

So, maybe it really has nothing to do with process in the office, or visualization of the record itself, maybe it goes even deeper than that, and those elements are just an extension of something even more primal.

Have I changed over time?  What will effect change?  Who can effect change?  If I do not know some of these answers, how can I then effect change in another, or is that even possible?

What is it inside my head that may change basic behavior or habit, or the way of being?  Or is it my head or heart or God forbid soul?

Can the philosophic and theologic domain exist together?  Do they have to be mutually exclusive or can they be “alternatingly” present over time?   Can change occur with one or the other or both necessary?

I need my coffee, and I need to go jump on the elliptical, but I think if you truly care and listen, and then do something a bit more, maybe like showing someone their electronic record on a big screen, it can change you.  And when you change, then just maybe you have a higher likelihood to effect change in someone else.



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