Can CME and MOC activity be one and the same?

I think one of the best features of any EHR is to have the educational tool embedded within the framework of the EHR so it is easily accessible.

I think as we all integrate into the 21st century, re evaluating how we do the re credentialing process for our respective fields, has to be re analyzed.

For instance in Internal Medicine, I cannot say enough about having Up To Date embedded in my EHR.  There are 3 levels of educational material, a basic and complex for the patient, and then physician flavored.

I go into Up To Date with nearly every patient encounter, and sometimes multiple times with one patient depending on the complexity of issue at hand.

However, the educational resource is very broad and deep, and reviewing the very current literature at the point of contact with the patient is extremely beneficial, and printing or sending to the portal for later use will reinforce the educational process.

With the era of the computer, I do not see why the time spent educating our patients from a great resource like Up To Date, not only can be CME approved but also used toward our re credentialing process.

I think this would dampen the outcry of the re credentialing process as being expensive and overly burdensome.

If one could attain MOC points by doing what is done every day with most every patient, he not only is becoming a better doctor and educating his patients well, but also being rewarded for his work.  The re credentialing process  will no longer be a burden or an extra expense, but will be a by product of what  docs do all day long.

And with the ever increasing adoption of the EHR with embedded tools like Up To Date, this integration of CME and MOC point acquisition seems to make logical sense.

So I am ever hopeful, this may soon become a reality.


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