I want to thank Jordan Shapiro for re tweeting the article by Brady Fukumoto called, “Understanding the math of big data.”  It is a great read but does not have much to do with my subject but I liked the title, so twisted it a bit for my use.

But I used a tool today with my favorite toy of the hemi-year, the large screen TV and the wonderfully easy way to display blood pressures, body mass indexes, and weights.

The tool is the graph icon, next to the vitals display on my EHR.  When I click on this the multiple weights over time, the last 2+ years, pop up and rivet my patient’s gaze.

What is really cool, is that I can also at the same time trend blood pressures and weights together, one in black the other in red, and can show the reduction in both, as they are related.

Talk about a motivator, and a good way to enrapture the patient in his own health.  It makes sense, it takes about 1-2 seconds to do, and then when you click on the Hemoglobin A1C, and show the reduction, that reflects all of the hard work, also reflected in the blood pressure and weight graphs, it really does not get any better than this on a microcosmic level.

Now, this is how I define meaningful use, and this gratified conjecturist, bets patient behavior has been modified and will likely stick, when engaging the patient in such a way.





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