The carrot that choked the rabbit

I tried and I could not do it.  I do not have an issue for those that have done it.  In fact I am a bit envious.  I am not gifted to be one of those great human beings, like my wife, who can do about a zillion things all at one time.  I am singular and focused on the task at hand, so this is not a political statement, but rather just a reality or fact on how I operate.

For several months, I checked all the green colored items and every week or two, in an instant, realized I was more than meeting all the meaningful use criteria. My EHR made this task very easy.  However, I became disrupted, focused more on satisfying all of the meaningful use criteria, and forgot about why my patient was there.  So, I scrapped it.

My partners thought I was shortsighted, when I would walk into the break room, a hush would fall, so I knew they were seriously considering having me evaluated to see if I had lost all sense of reason.  

So, I decided to put my energy into getting every patient that had even an inkling of interest signed up for a portal.  Now in my mind that made sense and was not distracting at all, in fact pacified my singular focus of streamlining efficiency in the day to day operational activity.

I look back in time, and FOR ME, I made the right decision.  What did I give up?  The meaningful use incentive payment , and getting my penalty now.

But what did I gain?  An extremely efficient system, 3/4 of my patients actively using a portal, and now employing an affordable solution to display the patients chart at the visit.  I have had the time and focus to tailor my practice and play with the tools at hand to maximize my nurse’s work station.  

The option of having Amazing Charts & Updox, kept this ol’ rabbit from choking on the carrot. Now with the Chromebook/TV this old rabbit is hoppin’ so fast he can tweet a bit once in awhile.




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