So maybe I did have a chip on my shoulder

Angry, ticked off, not a slow gentle burn, but a hot, persistent intense rage is how I spent most of 2011.

No one asked me what I thought, why should I have to change what I am doing in the office?  I don’t want any incentive money, I think it is a colossal waste of tax dollars, but now if you are going to penalize me, I better get off my rump and get something figured out.

So, what now, over 300 plus electronic records to choose from, I have to keep an office going, research this stuff, and then implement something, from all the stuff I read, may not help, and if anything decrease productivity.

What is the penalty again, only 3% well that doesn’t sound like much till you start to eat into your bread and butter money.

Why am I in this position, can’t I just keep doing what I have always done?  All I am doing is handing a sword to my enemy to finish the job, why go electronic and then share all the data, I have put my blood, sweat, and tears into to gather.

You know it won’t make a bit of difference, no matter how good I am, about a third of my patients will listen, a third won’t and a third may go either way.

So I see what will happen, I will implement all of this and based on human behavior, the quality metric goals will never be achieved, so only one thing for sure will happen, I will get paid less.

So, I have tried to paint my sense of thinking in 2011, whether right or wrong, this was my state of mind.

Why the change?

I have found something I was not even looking for but it took a while.

A realization, I can keep doing what I am doing, but better.  I can do more for my patient, but still operate with the Osler philosophy, listen, listen, listen, and she will tell you what is wrong.

The tools have given me the opportunity to spend more time, quality time, with each and every patient.

I was wrong.



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