@georgeMargelis re: EHealth in Australia

Dr Margelis, first and foremost thank you for writing the blog “Does Australia need another EHealth strategy?”

I do not have any first hand knowledge of your daily struggles, but reading through I got a whiff of some similar issues.

My isolationist view from the prairie grass infested plain of Montana, is a bit like shouting from an asteroid between Jupiter and Mars. I hope I can bellow loudly enough to reach you on the other side of the equator.

I am not trained in policy or a computer geek, never been terribly political, but I do care about my patients, and I hope this will be enough.

I consider what I do, a primary care out patient only internist, a bit like a mouser.  I want to have keen eyesight, see in the dark, ready to pounce with sharp, unrelenting claws to catch and devour the prey of disease and pestilence.

Policy will not help when the majority of mousers scattered through out this huge country, have been blinded, de- clawed, hobbled, by the very tools that were thrust upon them to assist.  How can the mouser effectively catch his prey?

We have to find a way, at least in my realm, for the physician to effectively connect again with his patient, and integrate the electronic tools we have currently.  And in my world there are some fabulous tools, and very affordable to do this.

If you do not mind please read my botched and battered pieces on my twitter site that drone on endlessly regarding the tools I have found.

But I do think we are on the verge of getting this better figured out, but the fix is at the tip of the spear, where the rubber meets the road, and that is in the examination room where the magic happens every day. 


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