What is in this for me?

Fame and fortune?  I think not.  I grew up in central Indiana, moved to West Virginia on my 16th birthday, first doc in the family. I fell in love with James Herriot’s books, and got my undergraduate degree in Morgantown with a B.S. in Animal Science, went to Medical School there, three years of Internal Medicine residency in Madison, Wisconsin, and planted myself here in Montana 21 years ago, and it took.

So, I suppose 21 years of experience, angst, feelings come bubbling out, and the flurry of activity on the Amazing Charts user board and now with the twitter blogs selfishly, may be a bit therapeutic for me and not so much to the reader.

But, I will tell you what compels me.  When my patient looks me in the eye and gives me a hug, you know the same feeling, but a warmth exudes from her, and appreciation, and acknowledgement of trust.  Then she says, “Dr. thank you so much for sharing my chart like that with me, I had no idea you could do that.”

When I realize I had several unrelated events occur in a short segment of time to open my eyes to even consider this approach, a trip to Laramie, a gift at Christmas, my 13 year old’s advice, I cannot take ownership.  This is a gift that cannot be contained, and I am compelled to share because I have seen first hand for 6 months that it is transforming my patients’ response to me in the office.  Do I have a study?  No.  Do I have multiple physician users to confirm similar results?  No.

But I have 21 years of experience, and have gotten quite adept at reading verbal and nonverbal cues, and I have over 1000+ patients and my guess close to 500 different ones have been glared at by their own chart thus far, and my guess 98% have had a positive to very positive response.

So why push the chromebook, VNC viewer, Amazing Charts, and Updox?  Because I know this combination works for me.

It comes down to this, my patients are telling me how much they appreciate me doing this for them, so their gratitude, and the gratitude for the tools I have pieced together, comes trickling out but unfortunately you the reader have to deal with the byproduct.


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