My hope #ProjectedEHR will blossom outside office

My hope is #ProjectedEHR will blossom beyond the office and I am already starting to see the first stirrings of what I anticipated, and quite frankly expected.  This rational, user friendly approach is less expensive and better at the point of contact than any other device at this price range.

Already in my own office, the results are starting to take effect, and on the AC user board, stirrings and murmurings, but I think this will go beyond these two groups and I anticipate other groups of physicians using EHR’s that are projection friendly, such as the VA may even become interested.

If one uses the example of 3 exam rooms, and do comparative cost analysis between the Chromebook/TV versus desktop point of contact device, there could be immense savings just on hardware.  $900 dollars versus $1500.

The intangible, but the most important improvement is reconnecting the electronic patient to the actual patient working through the record together with his provider.

I do not know for sure, but I anticipate there will be a significant cost savings in this delivery of care as an unanticipated consequence.  From my limited 6 months of experience, there is a definite improvement in efficiency with data entry and use of the electronic record.

So, my hope is at least a 30-40% adoption rate in my office, and to the 8500 AC users, and beyond. This may be wishful thinking, but even though this was never my intention, I would not be surprised if a significant reduction of cost of care would result.


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