email text or secure message a patient @dikedrummond

Thanks for sharing the article “If symptoms persist, text your Doctor.”

I have wondered how best to integrate texting and e-mailing in my practice, but have instructed my nurse to only communicate four ways, and will lay out my rationale.

The four ways being regular mail, telephone, e-faxing, and secure messaging.  Not to e-mail or text.

The reason being in my office all communication gets funneled to my nurse managing the dual screen computer, scanner, and telephone.

It is very easy to EHR generate an electronic or paper letter, and make part of the permanent record and send by mail, e-fax, secure message or read over telephone.  Or very easy to receive correspondence by by the same four modalities.  And make this correspondence part of the permanent EHR by copying/pasting the secure message, importing fax by pdf file, scan in paper mail, and type in by telephone.

My nurse manages the e-faxes, secure messages, scanning, typing and integrates incoming/outgoing correspondence into the permanent record.

I have discouraged texting or e-mailing to the office or me, because of the risk of not getting the message/not making part of the permanent electronic record.

My patients know that if they secure message, instead of text or e-mail, they will get the assistance in a rapid fashion, and the message will be archived for 6 years and also be integrated into the permanent electronic record.

Texting and e-mailing are two additional avenues to keep track of and difficult to funnel into the electronic record I have at the office.

With roughly 750 patients using the secure messaging there has not been any clamor to text or e-mail and we always encourage to use the secure portal instead.


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