A shout at to @CarolLRead & #hsjinnovation

As a fourth year medical student we could go on rotations away from the main medical campus in Morgantown, and my absolute best rotation was a 6 week stint in London at Guy’s Hospital.

Not only did I learn to like room temperature beer, chutney and cheese, blood pudding, kidney pie, but how to look right instead of left when crossing the street.

I was fortunate enough to time my rotation when the fourth year students at Guy’s were in the midst of training for their clinicals in learning the physical examination.

I cannot thank my lucky stars enough to have been part of this process, the well thought out, thorough, compartmentalized physical examination approach taught and witnessed first hand.  This experience has always been one of the best treasures in my training.

Any free time I spent at the wonderful pathology museum at Guy’s, what an experience for any fourth year medical student!

But, I hope to return one of these days and revisit the museum and hospital at Guy’s which is on my bucket list, but want to thank all those across the pond who have read my attempts at blogging, and the support.

Also, I wish Carol all the best with her endeavor with #hsjinnovation, and give a big shout from the trenches of Montana.


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