I want to radically change how we obtain #MOC with #UpToDate

With #ProjectedEHR, a user friendly interface with patients and UpToDate embedded, I want to radically change how physicians obtain MOC  for the re-certification process.

Now with my large screen glaring and my authoritarian voice blaring, I love to teach at the point of contact more than ever.

Having Up To Date embedded in my EHR makes it easier than ever to utilize the multitude of absolutely wonderful patient handouts to teach from in the exam room fine tuned to the individual patient. By who can do it best, his primary care doc.

However, I propose tracking the time on Up To Date or a similar agreed upon teaching aid and obtaining MOC credit for this endeavor, as I learn best when I teach.

It would be very easy, I think, to incorporate this teaching, molding, and improving patients and also obtaining MOC credit.

How best to make a better physician, than the ongoing educating on a day to day basis, and the doc that does this should be rewarded for his endeavor.

So, I have the platform that is working extremely well, a chromebook mirrored to a large TV screen, a wonderful EHR, with UpToDate embedded, and a captivated patient in my exam room.


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