Transcribe, hand write, Medical Dragon, Template, Type

I have done it all in 21 years, but now that I am using the top rated EHR for ease of use in the 2014 Medscape study involving over 18 thousand physicians, I do a combination of typing, Dragon Medical, and templating.  I would not even dream of paying a transcriptionist or hiring a scribe.

Unfortunately, to make up for the inherent flaws of EHR’s being thrust upon docs for all the wrong reasons, adaptation with extra layers of staff to offset the inefficiency of the EHR, is not the correct approach. Each physician not only has the right but should choose the EHR that works best for his practice style and setting.

The base of the pyramid of care is ease of use and intuition of the electronic record. The daily repetitive, multiple, duplicated, replicated steps performed on every patient encounter has to be done nearly flawlessly with minimal effort by the physician.

But, once you find the EHR that works, you can expand the dimension of use, to where the electronic record can become a fantastic tool that will elevate your presence in the realm of your patients to an extraordinary depth of connection.

The secure patient portal will give access, assurance, and satisfaction to one’s patients that’s nothing short of phenomenal.

If you also start projecting the electronic record and work on interpreting, editing, adding, prescribing, health maintaining together, it makes working so much darn fun, you almost feel a bit guilty.  It definitely helps bring the passion back into the Profession.



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