Thank you Paul Sonnier! for getting me off topic!!!

Okay time to give the #ProjectedEHR a 5 minute reprieve!!

I love the VNC viewer made specifically for chrome, it has made this 14 inch solid state, fast on/off device extremely attractive.

Outside the office, with the encrypted 256 maximum, enterprise flavor, I tunnel through the firewall and have access to  my data base and processing power without keeping any patient information on the Chromebook.  So at home or on the road, as long as I have internet access this thin client is not much different than sitting behind my dual monitored desktop at the office.  With the swipe of my touch pad either left or right screen is easily accessible.

I access my EHR on the left screen and e-faxes/patient portal on the right screen.  Recently I was out of the office for 3 days and signed scripts, edited “paperwork” such as assisted living/home health orders, conversed electronically with my nurse, sent lab results with letters, mammo/pap results, without once making a telephone call.

This cheap device if used properly, has the potential to revolutionize a primary care docs interaction at the point of contact or outside the office.  By using the intranet in office and internet outside office and Linux OS detached from VNC viewer and Microsoft OS when attached the versatility is expansive.

Even if it doesn’t pan out for you, the kids will never let you touch it if you dare bring it home.



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