Chromebook Highway

While exploring the function of this Christmas gift, about a month into the process I ran across a marvelous article by robtweed.   He introduced two factor google authentication, which enhances the security of the Chromebook, and changed my perception of my Gmail account.  I only sign into my Gmail account on my Chromebook and have two factor google authentication for added security.

With VNC viewer made for chrome, with dual monitor support, there is absolutely no reason to put any patient information on the chromebook.  I only use the “chromebook” for patient related information when I am remote controlling my office desktop, using as a thin client.  With this, I am accessing the Microsoft OS of my office desktop to run my EHR and my printers.

If I go onto the internet at the office, there is no reason to use my office desktop, I simply click out of VNC viewer and use the native Linux OS on the chromebook and use google search or tweet till my heart is content.  There is a nice buffer, using the chromebook, and no upgrading or antivirus manipulation needed, as this device is maintenance free.

So for 279 dollars for the 14 inch chromebook and 44 dollars for VNC viewer for chrome, why would you have a desktop in every exam room when you can take your “dual monitored desktop” with you, or even better anywhere as long as you have internet connectivity.  If you do not have internet connectivity, the chromebook is about as useful as a capon in a hen house (unless you get a more expensive chromebook with 4G).


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