A special thanks to Rob Tweed!!!!

I have to say Rob’s article that I linked on the user board  January 22 of this year was an inspirational read for me, not only did he discuss the 2 factor authentication but a whole host of scenarios about the chromebook that I found intriguing.

His title “Chromebook: The ideal health care desktop” and the conclusion, definitely opened my eyes to possibilities.

His confirmation of my real world chromebook experience catapulted my 13 year old son’s idea into a reality.  Shortly thereafter I took the trip to Costco to get the TV and wall mount as an experiment.

So a special thanks to Rob Tweed, not to mention all of the great AC user board members roughing me up along the way!!!

So, also a special thanks in following along on the twitter site as well, and I hope I am transmitting this information clearly and correctly, because this has been a steep learning curve, and I do not have formal chromebook training, but I do know a great device when it works and thanks for your great article.


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