clamor, clamor, clamor this stuff works!!!

Even though my intention is to improve patient, physician interaction at the point of encounter by trying to develop more awareness of the current technology, I think an unintended consequence will likely be reduction in collective cost of health care.

I continue to get such a huge positive feedback from patients of all stations of society, I cannot but stay motivated with the message of how important involving the patient viewing his own record at the time of the visit is.

There is such an impressive, consistent, gratitude of having this option, I really wish I had been doing this years ago.

I see the next phase for me will continue to look for ways of improvement, and as time moves forward, I hope to collect more data to verify what I am currently observing on a daily basis.

So what is in this for me?  Simply, I have been given a rare opportunity of seeing how certain tools if used in the correct fashion work extremely well and may impact the Profession in a very positive way, and that is all I hope for.



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