Striking the right cord with #ProjectedEHR

So it is in Miles City, Montana we have the last surviving doughnut from the Civil War. The day W.B. Chick departed to fight with the Union Army, his mother made him some doughnuts.  After the war while at Fort Keogh, he discovered the last doughnut while cleaning out his backpack.  A doughnut made with love, as her son entered the war between the states, and it still survives to this day.  I find truly remarkable.

So maybe I am a romantic, and hope the day my son and I were putzing around with the newly acquired Christmas gift will last and survive the test of time.  Even though just a simple mirroring function he opened my eyes, and made me realize I was thinking about the Chromebook in a very narrow way.

But combining the 2 functions, mirroring and controlling the main data base, I think, may revolutionize how we share the electronic record, enter data, teach, and work in the exam room

By having a TV in each room, taking the virtual dual monitored desktop into the exam room, is significantly cheaper and easier to maintain than a desktop in each room.

So how does one strike the right cord, to present the concept, without pushing too hard or not hard enough, so the idea will take root?

I don’t think patients describing how wonderful this approach is will necessarily influence, but I am hoping not unlike the twitter phenomena, there will be an exponential increase in use once a few try, and will share their experience, till this becomes more commonly used.

I think there are several reasons this approach will likely succeed, cost, ease of implementation and instantaneous results.

So if I can put my de-petrification spell by waving my magical wand to get this process started, how better than to celebrate what is boxed in the Range Riders Museum in Miles City Montana.


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