Adaptation of office to start #ProjectedEHR

Okay the rest of the answer.   Roald Dahl’s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory got adapted in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Violet Beauregarde in the book had no nationality but in the movie came from Miles City, Montana.

So what does it take to make the adaptation for instantaneous results with projectedEHR?

14 inch Chromebook with an HDMI port

24 inch TV 1080 p with and HDMI port, preferably matte finish to reduce reflection

Wall mount and rabbit ears (optional)

VNC viewer for Chrome, paid version for encryption (I prefer enterprise)

Local IT guy to help you get VNC viewer going

10 foot HDMI-HDMI cable

8 inch HDMI extender, to reduce wear and tear of your native HDMI port

EHR that projects well to your patients

So I am going to keep chewing this topic over and over till I turn into a blueberry!



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