Introduction to my new friend #ProjectedEHR

Mrs. Jones how are you today?

Well I have a new friend, and if you do not care for him you can blame my 13 year old son, well he is actually 14 now.

But he is the one who came up with this crazy idea, but see up here on the screen, that is what your chart looks like.

Now see, I can pop up this graph, and that is your weight, and it is going the wrong way, now I told you may not care much for my new friend, but he doesn’t lie, much.

But see this BMI, that stands for body mass index and technically you are not obese just slightly overweight but back here your number was just under 25, which is normal, so I bet you slacked off on your diet or exercise a bit, or the snow drifts kept you from walking a bit.

Now this is really cool, but here at the end of these two lines is your blood pressure today, see the top is a square and the bottom is a circle, but more importantly this is nearly 2 and a half years of blood pressures and if I put this ruler on the top line and bottom line, the lines are below in both instances, and should be below the ruler.  Your blood pressures have been fantastic and the trending over time is really important to see, does that make sense?

I am going to move down here on your chart, but this is called your past medical history section and a bit busy.  I have over 1050 patients, so this helps keep me remembering who you are.  This may not be in chronological order, but if there is anything on here that doesn’t make sense or not right let me know. Let’s get started,  Hypertension, or high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, or elevated cholesterol, diabetes diagnosed in 1987, right? Appendectomy, Left knee replacement by Dr Smith in 2003, and your colonoscopy was normal except diverticulosis in 2004, and your next one not due till 2014.  Other than that you are healthy, right?  Does that all look right and anything I need to update or correct?

Onto the Social history…..


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