After the phone call…#ProjectedEHR

Sorry, about that, the wife called and if I want to stay happily married, I have learned to answer this darn contraption, but thank you for understanding.

Down here in this box is the social history, now, this is where I keep track of things like smoking, this says you, quit 10 years go, so I will click on this box which means 11 now, right?  And here I have you smoked an average of one pack per day for twenty years, and you have about 2-3 glasses of wine per week.  What do you like red or white?  No, I think the Chileans aren’t too bad, especially if you head down to Helena there at the Costco pretty cheap.

2 cups of coffee per day.  Let’s go to the next square, does all this look right about when your mom and dad died and their histories and what they died from, should I change anything.  All your brothers and sisters doing okay any changes, I will just add a year to their ages, that look good now?

Allergies, when I expand this box, Bactrim gave you a rash, but other than that no other?

Do you have your list of medications with you, does that list match yours? Let’s go through these one by one now, alright you are not taking the Vitamin E any more, got it, it is off the list now. all right, I am going to print this off, do you want more than one copy?  I will send the other copy to your portal so you have it on your computer at home.  Hot off the press, now take one more look at this list, everything match up?

Now my favorite part, see this little yellow button up here, watch what happens when I click on it.  Oh no, I haven’t been doing a very good job a few red bars up there which means you are over due for these items and the yellow means you are due.  These are only recommendations or guidelines.  Yes, this software on this electronic record is pretty smart, who know it may replace me one of these days?  The CDC and US Task force will give us guidance on what vaccinations and health maintenance items are appropriate, and the electronic record ties this together with your gender, age and diagnosis codes. You are overdue for the Pneumovax, and this information describes side effects and such, but now that you are 65, I think it would be a good idea, read this over, think about it and when you are ready, give Dawn a message on the portal and come in when it works best for you. You are still walking 3- 4 miles a day jumping over snow drifts?  Oh, so you slowed a bit over the winter, well better get back into it so the BMI will drop, see I will show you again, see that BMI, and last time you were below 25, so you can do it. I see on the Medicare wellness questionnaire, no depression, any thing going on you want to talk about?  You sure, alright.  Now the mammogram shows up red, so I am going to just send Dawn an order so she can get started on arranging this while I am in here with you.  Done, there she has it, magic!…



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