#ProjectedEHR & Kevin Pho & Eric Topol

Why would these guys want to run this story?

For all they know I am on the fringe out here on the steppe, with a cabin in Lincoln, Montana or a ranch close to Jordan.

Just because this guy’s 13 year old son came up with this brilliant idea to mirror a chromebook to a TV, really?  What device doesn’t mirror these days?

This guy probably is going through his mid life crisis and just bought himself an old corvette.

Would I run this story from an unknown guy, who nobody has ever heard of?

What, 9 videos now on you tube?   Have you seen those, he doesn’t even look at the camera in half of those.

I get it, and quite frankly, I understand, and don’t expect to be thrust in to the limelight by either of these two guys doing a great job at what they do.

But I am very thankful even if this ends right here and now, it is all worth it.

I am thankful for a guy like Mr. Squire, who I have never met, who only briefly spoke to on the phone once on a conference call in Laramie.

Madelyn Kearns, up in Maine, who has been very supportive and already pushed out 2 great interviews.

Kristine Crane who out of the blue ran a story on patient portals.

The user board, patiently bearing with my incessant rattlings

The 76 followers on twitter, and this medium to interact with others I never dreamed I could in this life time.

But most of all is knowing this #ProjectedEHR works and my patients are benefiting.

It would be darn near criminal if I did not share this story with those that are willing to listen.



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