#PatientPortal and #ProjectedEHR

Just like the patient portal, the projected EHR, I think, will be as transforming to an out patient primary care office, because it make sense.

After transitioning to Amazing Charts, I knew getting the patient portal up and running was the next step, and in retrospect it was the right decision.

I have a similar conviction with this ability to engage the patient in the exam room with their own record projected for their preview, but also the physician commandeering the EHR, to truly make the visit meaningful.

I read the articles, blogs and sense the physician angst, and understand this well.  I have had to deal with my own frustration and anger with the medical milieu we are currently in.  But, I have been reminded on a daily basis repetitively for the past 6 months how really transforming this approach is.

The next challenging step will be implementation by other physicians, and first with my own group of 8 physicians, and hopefully next with physicians outside the office

I have been invited to give a talk in Chicago at the Amazing Charts user conference later this year, and also have made 9 you tube videos on the Amazing Chart website, and also started this site with blogs to get the message out.

I realize this solution may not work for some docs, but I do hope with time, most will be able to adopt some or all of this approach in their own office.

I do thank each and every one of you who have shown interest, and at the risk of driving some away, I will plan on trying my best explaining how this works in an office setting.  If any questions arise, please do not hesitate to ask.


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