#Healing of the #chasmofchare

I am not sure how to describe this phenomena, which may not even be real.  But to better bring this to the surface, I will need to describe several personality types.

There are several types, and the first being outgoing, vibrant, exuberant , after spending 5-10 minutes with, you feel refreshed, and if you passed in the mall, would not hide from but rather, engage in conversation,

Another type being a bit shy, not terribly pleasant but not rude, but spending time with really no energy is expended but not one you would want to go have a cup of coffee with.

The third type, you would not only try to hide but go across town to another mall to avoid, and if any time spent your marrow is sucked dry and the life energy that remains has to be kicked started with some external help.

But this palpable transfer of energy is what I am trying to describe, of course you cannot see, hear or even sniff it, but one can sense this give and take of the life source that we all share and bounce around, give and take.

Well, since going from the paper realm, to the electronic with just a lap top, and now the projected EHR format, this palpable energy transfer to the patient is different.

I do not want lose all 5 of my regular readers now, with this hocus-pocus talk, but I think the energy as a provider can be preserved with the #ProjectedEHR.   A more positive, vibrant, healthy energy can be disseminated to those you are trying to help.  This is because of the entropy to overcome, the amount of energy needed to get your message to the patient is not being used up before even getting to that point.   Your energy reserve available to dispel on any given day flows in a positive fashion to the patient and not repeatedly used up trying to climb over the inherent flaw(s) of the system.

I think the inherent flaw(s) in most of the EHR’s is causing an over expenditure of energy, and the physician is left depleted before he can even engage the patient in a meaningful way.




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