#Fertileground for #ProjectedEHR #Freedomtopractice

Fertile ground is abundant, and the seedling will only produce fruit if freedom is the essential nutrient.

Freedom, I think will carry this seedling into the next phase of growth, and on into a fruit bearing much satisfaction.

The freedom for a patient to view her own health data, and consult with her closest confidant and friend, her primary care doc.  Who best to review and share, her most intimate details, and to cradle her soul and interests to help attain a healthier and more fulfilled life, and if not possible at least give her hope and comfort.

Freedom for the physician to practice unfettered from rules, regulations, time constraints, to be one with his dear patient, to share, teach, cry, and learn how to be human.

I believe we as a society need some medicine, a healing elixir, to take us to a new level of trust between patient and physician and need to learn from one another.

Physician do you find sharing and educating in the exam room better served by remaining disconnected and concentrating more on the electronic patient, as one of my hero’s in medicine Dr. Abraham Verghese refers.

Patients, what do you want? Do you want us to show your data and chart and connect with you this way? Tell us how can we better serve your needs.

I am an n of 1, but my patients are an n of 1050+, and I observe their desire, fear, hope, and sense the strength of this elixir to help mend and work our way back to healing the awful chasm that has developed in the patient doctor relationship. I think a good start  to the healing process is to at least share the electronic record in a meaningful way, and my patients consistently are telling me how grateful we are reviewing things together

I hope for freedom, and I hope for a beginning of healing in this difficult time we find ourselves. Will you help?



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