#AmazingCharts User Board a convergence of help

When I first launched into research for an electronic record, and started trailing after Amazing Charts, one of the unanticipated unusual finds was a very active user board. There are about 8500 providers that use AC, and about 3850 on the user board.

Most, if not all of my early questions were answered quickly and thoughtfully and helped formulate my ultimate decision.  At about the same time I transitioned from traditional style practice to out patient only reluctantly giving up the camaraderie of the doctors lounge at the hospital.

I suppose it is part of the technological age we find ourselves, but the electronic lounge has been very anti-isolationist, and has been a treasure trove of ideas, assistance, support, a moral compass and great place to commiserate.

There is a fairly small but vocal group on the user board, and a large number that follow along.

I think there remains a large contingency of providers, who may not be part of the AC user board, but have a similar interest, and that being to practice in a small office setting.

I think there will always be a need for the small office doc scattered throughout communities across this great Republic, and I sense with the fantastic and affordable tools currently available, there will be an up tick in this direction.  Especially if one factors in the freedom to choose a user friendly EHR, or a cloud based application for e-faxing/portals, and hardware choices.   

I think the small office practice is an attractive choice to end up spending a majority of one’s career, and it may just be a bit more attractive than ever before.

If I had to do it all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat.


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