What happens when regular #nurse is out of my #nursecenteredmedicaloffice?

It can be detrimental, and is the Achilles’ heel of my nurse centered medical office, if there is no coverage.

But today, once again, I am reminded that nurses are wonderful beings.  My regular nurse is gone on a much needed vacation, and is of course fantastic, and in 21 years of practice has made the last 4 years the best in my career, but this topic is not about her.

Tara, subbed today, and has worked and cross trained for several docs in our group, but the merging secure portal, interoffice messaging, telephone, schedule, EHR, and efaxes Tara easily handled.  It is strange, but the change in nursing was barely perceptible, and I even thought for sure I heard and saw Dawn several times today.

However, this did come with intense training by multiple nurses in our office, so Tara has learned each physicians’ quirks and idiosyncrasies, and adapted well.

So, I would argue the potential weak point of the nurse centered medical office, is its best asset, especially when Tara is available to work.

I cannot imagine learning and carrying out the multiple complex tasks, and each physician requiring a bit different set of skills and carrying it out so well, but I am once again reminded that nurses are really special, and very appreciative to have some of the best in our office.


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