#ProjectedEHR does it have to be the #chromebook?

I happen to like the saying, “there is more than one way to skin a cat,” even though I have grown very fond of cats as I mature.

But no, it does not have to be a chromebook to make this magical relationship evolve when you share the patient’s electronic record with them during the office visit.

I like the 14 inch HP Pavilion because it happens to be the best 279 dollars I have spent in a while.  With the HDMI port and 5 dollar extender to save the wear and tear in which to transmit the electronic record onto a wall mounted 24 inch TV, the record takes on a life of its own.

But, no it does not have to be a chromebook, but for my needs, with small exam rooms, this combination works quite well, and if and when I upgrade, I may get a bigger TV, but then I will run the increased risk of banging into it. If I had to do it all over again, I would get a chromebook in a second.

So analyze your physical space, and envision where you want your newfangled chalkboard, and which device works best for your needs to mirror/manipulate your electronic record.

But the real magic of #ProjectedEHR is empowering your patients to be part of the electronic record, and I think the focus of late, has been on the negative aspects of the EHR, when in fact the positives, have not been accentuated enough.

I do certainly feel a bit like a broken record, but to witness the appreciation and interest of different patients responding to this method of interaction, day after day, has been overwhelming to say the least, and to keep my sanity, I have to keep tickling the keys on the chromebook, and clobber those that read.


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