As a #Physician am I willing to use #ProjectedEHR with my #patient?

I think every physician using an electronic record should ask, how well does my electronic record project to my patient on a large screen?

Is the information on the large screen easy to view, and is the data easy to get to and display on the device that controls the EHR and mirrors to the large screen?

How easy do the Past Medical, Social, Family histories display, and how difficult to change or edit in real time with the patient?

Does the medication list make sense, and can it be modified, corrected and printed up to paper or to the patient portal instantaneously at the face time visit with patient?

How well does your EHR integrate the age, gender diagnosis codes to the health maintenance items, and are they tied to the CDC guidelines and the US Task force recommendations?

Can you easily order a mammogram while in the exam room talking to the patient and send this to your nurse without disruption?

Can you easily e-prescribe while your patient watches the drug interaction, and directions being typed out?

What about having an educational resource like UpToDate embedded in your EHR and easily displayed or printed for the necessary wonderful educational handouts?

If yes to these questions then this is meaningful use of an EHR as I see it, but I am just a  grunt from Montana.


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