#Healthcare’s Digital Future in the trenches

I just read a really well put together article written by Stefan Biesdorf & Florian Niedermann, and the 5 myths described are right on and consistent with my short experience, with about 1050 total patients and about 750 using a patient portal with about 40% medicare in the mix.

I agree Myth#1 is a myth and patients do want to communicate electronically, and as long as you can reassure that the transmittal of information is secure, HIPAA compliant, and password protected, there is little if any significant resistance thus far in my experience.  The secure patient portal with a company called Updox has worked fantastically well in a small office setting, and keeps all the electronic transmittal  of patient information contained and intertwined with the EHR quite well.

I agree Myth#2 is a myth,  I just had an 88 year old recently, requesting the dosage of acetaminophen recommended would be on his I-pad portal account when he got home, and had made the appt with same device earlier.  I have an elderly patient base, and have not had any issue getting 3/4 of my patients not only using the portal but effectively.

I agree Myth#3 & 4 are myths, and there has not been any cry for mobile applications, and from my experience patients want a system in which they can get timely results, appts, requests without having to use the phone,and also access to requested records.  It is my opinion, necessary to have only one staff manage the portal in conjunction with the Dr, and have designated roles, so that the business at hand gets handled efficiently. I think portal usage is not heavily dependent on mobile devices but rather being internet connected with whatever device works best for the patient.

Myth#5 is a myth and one of my biggest concerns is the EHR that can do everything and in reality do nothing.  It may be that my grandmother’s hankering for quilting comes in to play, but patch working the best applications is a must in my opinion.  One needs to really analyze what his needs are to run his business, for instance I chose Amazing Charts because it was designed by a primary care doc for small office use–it works great, from there I found Updox for the e-faxing/portal which plays well with AC.  I use Lytec for my billing and scheduling, because Lytec has a fantastic track record in this arena.  So, I would avoid the EHR that does everything, especially in the small office setting.  But be warned, I am partial to patch work quilting.

Sandeep, thanks for sharing the article!






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