Are all #EHR’s created equal for ease of use by #physicians

A resounding NO.  And I only say this because I got darn lucky with picking my EHR.  I did many hours of research on the internet and I stumbled upon a survey of the 30 most commonly used EHR’s by practicing physicians back in 2011.  I picked the #1 rated EHR for small offices in this survey that also had a free 3 month trial.  I thought it was too good to be true, but in 24-48 hours I bought it so I could start e-prescribing.

The design and ease of use was and is phenomenal.  The notes look great, it is easy to document in, and I use a combination of Medical Dragon voice transcription, my own designed templates for review of systems and physical exam, and typing.

I hear horror stories of pointing and clicking and dragging and hours of wasted time with documentation, and I have to scratch my head and wonder what the exponential cost to health care some of this technology is collectively costing all of us.

Now, when you tie it together the patient portal and e-faxing the EHR becomes even more user friendly, and then add the projected EHR on the large screen TV, this combination becomes an extremely effective patient engagement tool.

But the honest to goodness reason I push Amazing Charts the way I do is that I know that I will be able to work until I am darn good and ready to retire on my terms.


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