#MOC- K-Y -ME? ANY- USE -2 -ME?, …MICKEY MOUSE….#ProjectedEHR & #PatientEngagement

I was startled from sleep singing this childhood tune of Mickey Mouse with the Mouseketeers chasing me around the beach at night dotted with camp fires, MKSAP booklets as tinder.

Why would my brain twist such an educational process into a childhood theme?

Well, because the process is in its infancy, and I propose now that the majority of docs are in the electronic realm, and some with #UpToDate embedded in their EHR, there has to be a way to track use of the educational tool, such as Up to Date, when utilized multiple times a day and apply towards MOC activity.

Personally, I learn best when I teach, and now that I am projecting my EHR on a large screen as a newfangled chalkboard, I teach more than ever.  There has to be a way to track the amount of time spent on Up to Date whilst teaching from within the EHR to educate your patient, and obtain MOC credit for this endeavor. This is how I best learn, and benefit my patient any way, and I wouldn’t mind getting credit for that useful activity, and I suspect the majority of docs would welcome this approach with open arms.  The breadth and practical knowledge gained while utilizing Up To Date to teach patients on a daily basis, I think, transforms me into a better physician, rather than the hours I spend pounding facts into my head with the MKSAP.

I think we all need to keep up with the educational process, but there has to be ways to capture what we all do every day and get MOC credit for this.

So I am going to hum myself back to sleep with MIC -KEY- MOUS -E, and hope the MKSAP booklets will keep me warm as I snuggle up beside the campfire on the beach.


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