#Grateful for responses with #ProjectedEHR

I am just finishing up with my last patient and feel extremely grateful being able to work at a Profession I really like, and having an office in which to ply the trade.

For 6 months, I have heard the incessant, repetitive positive response to this new way of interacting in the exam room, and feel compelled to share.

First the COO, John Squire of Amazing Charts, did not even hesitate when I asked for help.  He put me in touch with all his necessary staff to help get the message out, now with several videos, a blog, and a case study, and inviting me to Chicago as a guest speaker at the upcoming user conference, I have to pinch myself to make sure this is indeed happening.

The feedback from all the members of the Amazing Charts user board, Updox folks, and the twitter realm, has been extremely helpful, and would like to thank you all for the help thus far!

I am new to this realm, and am finding my voice, so apologize about the intensity of passion, but working for 21 years, rarely have I been impressed with a daily, repetitive improvement in care than I have with this approach.

I think the current delivery of care in the outpatient primary care realm can do with some improving, and I hope my message will influence this in a positive fashion.  Or at least stir up some conversation on how we can enhance care at the point of contact with the patient.  I think this affordable, facile device, the chromebook, can be easily combined with another inexpensive easily obtainable product, a flat screen TV to change the dynamics significantly.

Thanks again for your understanding and all the help thus far received!


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