So why the rabbit ears with #ProjectedEHR & #PatientEngagement

There were a series of several unrelated events, that led up to even thinking about rabbit ears on a TV in the exam room.

First a conference in Laramie, where my wife got the notion as a potential gift.  Second, after one of my partner’s in desperation called my wife asking what he should get me for a Christmas gift. Third, reading EKG’s at home on the Chromebook when my son very appropriately asked why read on a small screen when you can read on the large TV, and demonstrated the mirroring capacity with an HDMI cord.

The light bulb went off, and up to that point, I was only thinking of using the Chromebook as a thin client, remotely controlling my main computer, so I had a device at the point of contact that virtually represented my desktop device.

However, the concept of projecting, the EHR on a large screen, thanks to my son, started to formulate.  I was about ready to can the idea, when I bounced it off several patients, and most if not all, thought it was a not so good idea.

Then a trip to Costco, and even then, I had great reservation, and analyzed if this venture did not pan out, I would take the the wall mount, 24 inch Samsung 1080p TV and put in my exercise room to work out with.

My biggest fear being information overload would lead to failure, especially in the Medicare aged patient.  So, the rabbit ears popped into my head.  I figured if late to the appointment, the TV function would have a calming effect, and the rabbit ears would send a subliminal message to my older patrons, of connecting the old and new technology.

After several weeks, I pleasantly was surprised, and I do not think the rabbit ears factored in, but the Medicare aged patients did not suffer from information overload at all, but really enjoyed the new technology and being able to see their chart.  One patient, early on commented, “It really does take the mystery away of the chart, and I really like to be able to see mine.”




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