So why not #Chromecast for #ProjectedEHR for #PatientEngagement

I did experiment a bit with the Chromecast at home, but saw several potential issues if used in the office so I never did pursue instituting.

My biggest fear was walking out of the exam room with my Chromebook in hand, and my nurse would room the next patient who would, read Ms. Smith’s projected EHR on the large screen TV rather than one of Elaine Schattner’s articles in Forbes.

The other problems with the Chromecast, being, the use of bandwidth at the office, hesitation when using Netflix at home, and it surprisingly did not work well with the 14 inch Chromebook I had, so I ditched the idea.

Instead, I implemented a 10 foot HDMI cable, which I plug in and out on the Chromebook end with each patient encounter.  The EHR instantaneously appears and disappears with this method.  I like this, and control what I project onto the large TV screen and for HIPAA compliance, this is best.

The wear and tear on the native HDMI port, became a concern early on, and I bought several 8 inch HDMI extenders, and figured the extenders or the 10 foot HDMI cable would be cheaper to replace if the insertion site of either wore out before the Chromebook.

I recommend direct connecting to your TV and scrapping the Chromecast idea in the office.




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